Is my porch out of code?

Because the city mandated in 2003—after the porch collapse on the Northside that injured and killed over 13 people—that all porches now had to meet or exceed the 100 pound per square foot minimum requirements. Which means basically all porches 100% are out of code and all porches, even yours, needs to come into compliance.

How much time do I have to correct my violations?

Generally, the city gives homeowners ample time as long as they are showing progress. For example, a letter of intent from 1-773-PORCHES, a copy of approved plans and work in progress will buy time and appease the court.

After the porch is built, is it done?

Treated lumber is chemically treated for protection against insect infestation only and needs to be protected from the harsh weather elements. 1-773-PORCHES will provide at no additional cost a one-time free sealer to all horizontal areas only. (weather pending)

How long will 1-773-PORCHES warranty my porch?

1-773-PORCHES will warranty your new porch for a full 10 years if allowed to keep a placard displaying our company logo proudly showing your neighbors the right choice you made. All we ask is that you maintain your porch to protect it from the elements.