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Porch violations in Chicago have become a significant focus for the city’s building inspectors, especially following several high-profile accidents involving porch collapses. The Chicago Building Department has been particularly attentive to older, multi-story porches, conducting safety inspections to prevent similar incidents in the future. The nature of these inspections varies, but it’s not uncommon for them to uncover violations that require extensive repairs or even complete porch rebuilding.  At 1-773-PORCHES, we specialize in Chicago porch violations and we can help you keep your porch safe.

The City of Chicago has specific guidelines and regulations regarding porch and deck safety. Routine maintenance, such as power washing or painting, doesn’t require a building permit. However, if a building code violation has been issued, repairs or replacements of non-structural elements to rectify the violation will need a building permit. For residential porches less than 6 feet off the ground and not exceeding 50 square feet in the landing area, a building permit is not required for repairs or replacements.

It’s important to note that these inspections and regulations are not meant to inconvenience property owners but are vital measures to ensure safety and prevent tragedies. Building owners with porches that have been constructed following proper architectural drawings, obtained necessary permits, and passed city inspections are likely to continue to comply with safety standards. However, older porches that have never been professionally examined pose significant safety risks.

In cases where violations are found, property owners may need to prepare architectural drawings, obtain building permits, and undertake construction compliant with the strict porch construction standards of Chicago. This process may also involve interim inspections, administrative or court hearings related to the violations, and continued assistance until the city confirms that the violations have been adequately addressed​​​​​​.

If you have received a porch violation from the City of Chicago, then call 1-773-PORCHES to schedule an appointment and we will make your porch violation free & safe.